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The Mirnova Foundation Team
People Make Things Happen!

Initially the Foundation operated purely within TETRAD Institute of Complex System Dynamics. Now, in 2022 and moving forward, we are growing. Our advisory and all-volunteer staff includes persons from many countries, porofessions, and walks of life. Among them, Dr. Martin Dudziak (Founder of the Foundation), Mr. Mark Kelly, Ms. Marianna Tsepeleva, Ms. Elena Sashina, Prof. Pedro Marijuan, Ms. Margarita Stanbridge, Mr. Santarvis Brown, Ms. Regina Braggs, and several Student Volunteers!

We Want to give Surprising Bright Opportunities
to Persons who Deserve
Something Special in their Lives

Right now we are bring additional people into our Board of Directors and a Board of Mentors for the Foundation. We welcome inquiries from persons who can provide energy, experience and wisdom to our mission. We are open to hearing from you if you are interested in participating in what we do!

You can find some of the names and some bios of people already onboard by reading about the people in and with TETRAD Institute and also Intelligence Renaissance Industries. All of these individuals are among the community that has a voice in the careful process of identifying potential candidates, extending invitations, and evaluating qualities for making differnet types of awards.

We want in Mirnova Foundation individuals who bring experience in not only the STEM disciplines but in all aspects of our Humanity.

We also need people with talents in funds developement, persons who can help us to raise additional funds besides our modest intial endowment fund.

We need people in different parts of the USA, in particular, and also in other countries, worldwide.

If you are reading this, then you already have some interest. Read, think, and let's talk!

Thank you!

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