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Mirnova Library and Gallery

A Brief Introduction

The Foundation has received a gift that is of special and unique value that will be shared in a manner that can be used, experienced, and enjoyed by persons worldwide, both onsite in a physical location and online through thee internet.

This is a LIBRARY and an ART GALLERY which have themes in close synergy with all of the principles of Mirnova Foundation and its parent-sponsor, TETRAD Institute.

These are, presently, approximately 3,200 volumes of different books, some rare and out-of-print, some very unusual, some well-known, that form a collection belonging to Prof. Dr., Martin Dudziak and also TETRAD Institute. The beginnings of this Library extend back to the 1960s. The subjects span all of the art, humanities and sciences.

This Library and Gallery, part of the resources of TETRAD Institute of Complex System Dynamics, will be managed and operated by Mirnova Foundation for public access (both physical and online) and it will be integrated very creatively with the Foundation's activities for generating candidates, evaluating the creative "application" projects submitted by scholarship candidates, and further pulishing and disseminating those creative productions - all part of the Foundation's unique method for cultivating "scholarship and virtue" together in our society.

The art collection is also deriving from Dr. Dudziak and TETRAD Institute. The current physical collection is a unique body of visual and sculptural art that, along with a very large digital art collection including a large number of "NFT" works ("non-fungible tokens"), spans the range of the type of art cultivated to develop understanding and appreciation of human diversity, unity, creativity, and the closeness with forms and structures in Nature, from the sub-microscopic to the cosmological in size, scale, and character.

View a sampling of works in the Gallery Collections.
These will be set up in our new Institute home which is being established in the United States of America.

All of this activity fits in with one of the Institute's permanent Projects, the Mirnova Project, and within it, the Ars Bio interactive art exhibition. The latter was principally a project in the early 2000s but it is being revitalized and taken to a new level in the 2020s. There are approximately 100 individual physical works on canvas, paper and other media, including works by many contemporary artists in the Australian aboriginal culture, and others from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Thus, it is a very multi-cultural collection.

Some of the work in the Gallery were created by students in the "Futures Gateway" project (early 2000s) and also in the S.H.A.K.T.I. (Super Heroes Academy for Knowledge Training and Integrity) educational program for young children in public schools within disadvantaged communities.

The Library and Gallery are insipired and guiuded by the same ancient and modern principles of Sāngāng Wŭcháng ( ​三纲五常 ) - the Three Bonds and five Virtues of wholesome living, and by the historical and active living traditions of ethics, reason and spirituality that are espoused and practiced among many people Today.

We openly ask for your support in a variety of different ways and means. We need and welcome engagement, visibility, support, participation. Please contact us.

We do not solicit funds through advertisements or with various crowdsourcing or social media nets. We want engagement, interaction, and support from You - individuals and organizations. That is the best way. Dollars, euros, yuan, pounds and yen are important, to be sure, but even better is when those assets come in the hands of people like You who can help us put them and other resources to the best possible use for our World.

Thank you!

Our Defining Philosophical Principles as Expressed in the 13th Century, by persons of diverse cultures

The Philosophy of Sāngāng Wŭcháng ( ​三纲五常 ) - Three Bonds, Five Virtues

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