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Everything we do in our scientific research and in commerce and business involves People, Community, Society, in a global way. International, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and unified as One Human Family. "Unity in Diversity" one of our themes and mottos. So also with Mirnova Foundation which grows directly from all of this work and our spirit of how to work and live.

The Foundation is just getting organized in a proper and formal way now (Winter, 2022). We will soon have much to say and to share on these topics. We are growing our boards of directors and mentors from around the world, and together we will accomplish beautiful things using our resources and abilities, for children, youth, families and communities in many lands and across many seas.

Our primary activities are summed up in these two terms: Sāngāng Wŭcháng and Utøya Life Scholarship:
The Sāngāng Wŭcháng program refers to cultivation of family and community bonds, and virtues for a productive, meaningful, worthwhile and worthy life, with creativity and with goals directed at the benefits for family, community and society. We draw upon the wisdom of many traditions from around our Blue Planet and from all of history.

The Utøya Life Scholarship is named in honor and memory of many children and adults, and their families, who suffered the most ungoldly and terrible loss of life in a moment of utter madness, when one individual took the lives of 77 persons, most of them children, and caused 275 injuries, in two terrorist attacks, one in Oslo at the Regjeringskvartalet (governmental executive complex) and at a youth camp on Utøya Island in Tyrifjorden, Viken (Norway).

Everything in our approach and the rationale, the raison d'etre, for Mirnova Foundation, is all about People, Community, Society, and Life. We aim to help persons - youth and also adults - who have the energy, the talents, the gifts of God and their families, for being creators, achievers, makers, sustainers, in our society, but who have themselves been cut short and held back in their lives, in their studies and careers, because of one thing or another among unfortunate happenings, ranging from abuses and terrifying experiences done to and around them, to adversities of fate in finance, in accidents, in other circumstances.

Our mission is to give persons who have lost a great deal, often tragically, often irreversibly, to have something positive and uplifting, connected with their futures, their dreams, their abilities and vocations.

Thus, we now build a scholarship program that is different from many or indeed most ever created before. A scholarship program that provides the Unexpected and Surprising, in positive and fulfilling ways. A new opportunity for study, for travel, for doing a scientific investigation or experiment, a creation of art, music, drama or film. An opportunity to interact and work as an intern, perhaps, with a university, a hospital, a research institute, or a company.

EWe give money, yes, but it is not always for "only" tuition, books, computers, other formal resources. Sometimes it is for a New Experience - a trip to a foreign land, or to a city nearby, or to an institution of learning or apprenticeship. What is for each individual is something that is decided upon in an evolutionary process that includes very much that individual. We lesrn from them, they share with us, we discover Together.

Right now (Autumn/Winter 2022) we are in the process of getting things organized and set up, including the procedures and steps for being a registered philanthropic foundation. We hope this will all be completed by early 2023.

We are including and using within the

Utøya Life Scholarship
everything that has been in our earlier philanthropic activities and programs, and in what we have learned during our lives and careers, including all that is described in

Sāngāng Wŭcháng ​三纲五常
Scholarship Program for Youth

Our Defining Philosophical Principles as Expressed in the 13th Century, by persons of diverse cultures

The Philosophy of Sāngāng Wŭcháng ( ​三纲五常 ) - Three Bonds, Five Virtues

Arts of Living, Loving, Leading, giving, Investing, Communicating. Sharing, Collaborating

The Mouse Trap Story - a Parable

Thanks to incredible good fortune and benefactors - corporate and individual, we are able to undertake this remarkable new way to Serve People.

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