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About Mirnova Foundation

A Brief Introduction - Raison d'Etre and History

The Foundation has evolved through a long history of prior philanthrophic activities and organizations engendered by Martin Dudziak and Family, and close friends, over a period of many years. This work has included humanitarian and educational philanthropy conducted under the auspices and support of many institutions including companies (Comshare, Battelle, Intel Corporation) and universities (Virginia, VCU, Johns Hopkins, Maryland, Vanderbilt, Michigan, Union Institute and several institutions in Europe).

Among the earlier projects was "Futures Gateway", one of the first international, global-reach programs. Serving youth from ages 6 to 18 in "coopertition" (cooperative + competition) learning, Futures Gateway was STEM-focused, enabling teams of students who were paired with peers in different countries and cultures, to do indepdent, mentor-guided research on topics of "what will our Future World be like in [this-or-that area of life and activity]." Teams produced papers and other forms of outcome to share with the group in a cooperative conmpetition for awards that were of a scholarship nature. This program cultivated good communications among diverse cultures and countries.

"Mirnova Project" is a predecessor and concurrent activity, a STEM-education focused Project within TETRAD Institute of Complex System Dynamics. Thee are several activities over the years that constitute Mirnova Project, and this work initiated the further scholarship activity for which Mirnova Foundation, including the Utøya Life Scholarship and Sāngāng Wŭcháng ( ​三纲五常 ) has come into being and is focused today.

Under the aupices of TETRAD Institute and its Mirnova Project, students of diverse backgrounds, skills and experiences were brought together to work with scientists and engineers on such "hands-on" projects as smart farming and agriculture, space robotics, biomedical engineering, electronics and computer science ("internet-of-things" - IoT), internet social communications, and even virtual-reality gaming.

Beginning in 2020, several special scholarships were organized and offered by Dr. Dudziak, TETRAD Institute, and other friends and collaborators, in keeping with the confluence of several adversities around the world including the COVID-19 pandemic. These were directed toward youth and young adults who demonstrated interest, ability, promise, and dreams in academic and both scientific and artistic pathways but who have endured, in their lives, a variety of physical, psychological and social adversities of many types, including abuses and the effects of war, blocking their natural and desired pathways to learning and accomplishing their goals in life.

In Spring of 2021, it was decided to combine several prior and current research efforts in the sciences into the Neuroplex-C Project ("NpC"), an international project focused upon neurology and cardiology, working from a systemic perspective and with concentration upon such disorders as cardiac arrhythmias, POTS and associated autoimmune diseases. The scholarship programs and STEM-education various activities were put into review, analysis and revision, as we sought the best path forward for doing this Work.

In November, 2021, it was then decided, as part of a substantive commitment of the Institute and the affiliated company, Intelligence Renaissance Industries, to move forward with activities based internationally, in USA, and then in Europe, Asia and elsewhere in our world, and to include STEM education and youth opportunities as a close part of the research and commercial work. It was further decided that the scholarship activities of both the Institute and Company, along with corresponding personal philanthropy by Dr. Dudziak and other individuals, should be integrated into one whole and cohesive structure, a philanthropic foundation.

This is Mirnova Foundation, now ready and set to go forward and begin its work for People. We are on the "second landing" of our "spiral staircase" leading to what we believe and know will be beneficial for many individuals over the years to come, and with positive outcomes for our whole, unified-in-its-diversity society living on this beautiful but truly endangered Blue Planet.

We openly ask for your support in a variety of different ways and means. We need and welcome engagement, visibility, support, participation. Please contact us.

We do not solicit funds through advertisements or with various crowdsourcing or social media nets. We want engagement, interaction, and support from You - individuals and organizations. That is the best way. Dollars, euros, yuan, pounds and yen are important, to be sure, but even better is when those assets come in the hands of people like You who can help us put them and other resources to the best possible use for our World.

Elsewhere on this site you can read about our methodology - how we find persons whom we then invite to be considered for scholarship awards, and how they demonstrate their capabilities and character through individual project activity that is evaluated for creativity and other merits and which contributes to the overall work and mission of the Foundation.

Thank you!

Our Defining Philosophical Principles as Expressed in the 13th Century, by persons of diverse cultures

The Philosophy of Sāngāng Wŭcháng ( ​三纲五常 ) - Three Bonds, Five Virtues

Arts of Living, Loving, Leading, giving, Investing, Communicating. Sharing, Collaborating

The Mouse Trap Story - a Parable

Thanks to incredible good fortune and benefactors - corporate and individual, we are able to undertake this remarkable new way to Serve People.

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