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Videos and Presentation materials mainly about good family life, education, ethics, and behavior, within the family and at school, in the community, etc.

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PDF and PPT versions of extended remarks and guides about "Being R.E.A.L."

PDF version

PPT version

YouTube search term: kindness story for kids
and one to start:

Connected with the S.H.A.K.T.I. Warriors and Super Heroes Program:
S.H.A.K.T.I. "Coopertition" (cooperation with competition) Activity in LA School District - the Finals of an Exercise with 28 schools

YouTube search term: anti-bullying for kids
and one to start:
Anti-Bullying - a really creative film made by students

YouTube search term: being genuine and authentic
and one to start:
Being genuine and authentic and not fake like so much in our world today

YouTube search term: being attentive for kids
and one to start:
Being Attentive

YouTube search term: Middle child syndrome for girls
and one to start:
Middle Child Syndrome

YouTube search term: apologies and being apologetic for kids
and one to start:
Zack's Apology

YouTube search term: noble heroes native american tecumseh sitting bull
and one to start:
A beautiful poem by Chief Tecumseh

and another:
The Life of Chief Tatanka Iyokate (Sitting Bull)